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Thanks for stopping by Juice Magic. We are located in the Marina del Rey/Venice area in Southern California. We deliver fresh cold pressed organic juices, smoothies, nutmilks and other treats to your home or office. We also offer juice tasting events so that you can taste all of our drinks. Sign up on our email list to be invited to the next tasting!

As you meander around our website you’ll see pages for juices, superfood smoothies, other treats, juice feasts and packages, and more. We can customize anything to suit your needs and are dedicated to crafting your juices with a loving and healing energy at all times. We have been taste tasting our drinks for the last year within the community and many people have made the statement, “this taste like magic”, hence our name “Juice Magic“.

Mary, the founder (that’s me!!) has been in the food industry off and on for the last 25 years, and specifically juicing for the last 4 years. Deciding to go “raw” several years ago, she has studied and experimented with superfoods and various juicing techniques since then. Gravitating to the cold pressed method of juice extraction was the impetus to starting a juicing company that would offer these magic drinks to her friends, first as a trial, and with their unbridled enthusiasm that she should be offering these drinks to everyone, Juice Magic was born. Noticing that this cold pressed method offered a juice that had an unparalledled taste as well as energy, sparked a flurry of imagination and experimentation with various fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. On a healing journey herself, Mary decided that in order to be around these amazing juices on a continual constant basis, she would continue that journey by creating this new juicing company. Using Ho’oponopono and Reiki (Mary is a Reiki Master) with the combination of organic fruits and vegetables, and specific chinese herbs has resulted in that “magic” feeling that people are experiencing when people taste these drinks.

We are in the process of revamping our website. Stay tuned!

Have questions? Email at juicemagicla at gmail dot com  

To your health!


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